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Support Force's online backup is based on HP LiveVault which protects more than 9,000 servers worldwide, and is trusted by businesses such as Google, Amazon and Time Warner.

We bring this very same cloud backup technology to small-medium UK-based organisations in industries where security and compliance is critical. HP LiveVault reduces the burden of managing the often complex and error-prone data protection processes seen in traditional backup environments. This allows organisations to focus their budgets and resources on long-term strategic initiatives instead of costly, manual tasks.

You are in control with an easy-to-use interface

Manage and monitor your entire data protection workflow using the LiveVault web management portal. So wherever you have an Internet connection, you can securely check up on your backup, offsite storage and recovery process.

  • Create your own, customised, easy-to-use yet powerful backup policies.
  • Check status, delegate ownership and initiate restore operations
  • Define access levels for various user classes within your organisation

Recovering data is fast

LiveVault uses advanced technology for fast and easy data recovery. It leverages delta-based backup/recovery, versioning and snapshots to recover more quickly data that has changed since the last backup. So you can better achieve your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

Simple online server backup - it's automated and streamlined with reduced complexity

HP LiveVault provides automated and continuous server backup - from as frequently as every 15 minutes. This makes sure data is protected as it is created. It can use either the Internet or a private connection for uninterrupted remote data protection.

Data is moved offsite to secure, mirrored EU data centres and is completely secure and protected at every step of the way, using stringent procedures, protocols and standards – including 256bit AES encryption and SSL transfer protocols.

Recovery is straightforward. Simply select the data to recover from your catalogue of archived file versions, and LiveVault will automatically restore the data to the location of your choice. Because it’s backed up offsite and frequently, you can restore data from moments before a disaster occurs.

Backup virtual and physical servers to the cloud

LiveVault protects and ensures operational and disaster recovery for both virtualised systems and physical servers. It fully integrates with VMware vSphere, delivering fast and efficient backups through vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP), with full support for Changed Block Tracking (CBT).

LiveVault provides transactionally stable backups of open files and frequently changing databases, with Application Awareness for Microsoft Exchange and SQL servers.

  • Manage global backups from a single console with features such as server groupings for distributed administration, role-based administration and reporting.
  • Keep costs down and restoration speeds up by choosing only the files you need to back up.
  • Restore data to either physical or virtual machines, no matter where they are. This is key for meeting Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) during site disasters.

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