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Home WorkingDo you need access to your files from home?
Do you need your emails to sync with your home/office and phone?
Would you like to use business software at home without purchasing additional licenses?
Would you like the flexibility to work remotely?

We can help!

Business Programs

If you use specialist or specific software at your place of work, we can help you get access to it remotely. You don't have to buy additional expensive licenses, we can simpy set up direct remote access to your PC at work. Alternatively if you have work software installed on your laptop or home computer that needs to connect to work servers, we can set up a direct secure link to your place of work.

Email and Calendars

Emails are a vital part of many business communications, that users simply can't be without. Your email and calenders should be available whenever and wherever you need them. Slow response times and missing appointments can leave your business behind the competition. We can help you implement a solution that gives you fast and secure access to your emails, your calenar and your teams calendars, as and when you need them.Email and Calendar

Remote Access To Your Files

It is becoming more and more important to have access to your files when not in the workplace. With the advances in technology there are many different ways you can access your files remotely. Our experts will work with you to work out which is the best method available for your company. We can recommend, configure and install all the necessary hardware and software to give you secure access to all your important company files.

Office Telephone

Take your office telephone home with you! If you have one of our hosted VOIP telephone setups, you can simply unplug your office phone and take it home with you. Just plug it in to your router at home and you can use it just the same as if you where at the office. You can even go a step further and link you office phone to your mobile, this enables you to make and recieve office calls seamlessly from your mobile.

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We provide top quality IT support to businesses in the Wirral, Liverpool and Chester areas. Removing all the usual worries and problems with your computers – and anything that communicates with, runs on, or connects to them.

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